7 Reasons Your Houston HVAC System Needs Some TLC

October 22, 2019

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If you’re like most homeowners, you rarely think about your Houston HVAC system until the weather changes and it’s time to crank up the AC or turn on the heat. While a high-quality heating and air conditioning system will typically last for years before needing repairs, it’s vital that homeowners know when it’s time to call an HVAC contractor for needed fixes or maintenance. Timely repairs and routine cleaning and parts replacement of your Houston HVAC system ensures that your furnace and air conditioner function properly while also potentially saving you money on your utility bills.

Before you face a sweltering Houston summer without proper air conditioning or shiver through a sudden drop in temperatures, check out 7 reasons why your Houston HVAC system might need some TLC. Be sure to call a heating and air conditioning contractor in Houston when you notice any of these signs, to ensure your home is always comfortable and that your residential HVAC system is always functioning as it should.

Noises Coming From Your Houston HVAC System

It’s not unusual to notice the sound of an HVAC fan spinning or air “whooshing” through a home’s ductwork and vents. While these minor noises are normal and don’t typically indicate a problem, clunking or grinding noises often indicate a loose or broken part inside your HVAC system. High-pitched squealing might indicate worn bearings that need replacing. Worn or broken belts or a bent fan might create popping sounds. Whatever the case, don’t overlook these signs of needed Houston HVAC repair but call a contractor once you notice these odd sounds.

Rising Utility Bills and Needed Air Conditioning Repairs in Houston

If you notice rising utility bills throughout the year, and know that those increased costs are not due to an increase from your local power company or because you’re using your furnace and air conditioner more often, it’s time to call for HVAC maintenance! Worn parts, cracks and resultant leaks, and other damage to your home HVAC system causes the air conditioner and furnace to work harder so that it then draws more power. A maintenance call can lower those bills while upgrading to an energy-efficient HVAC system can mean a cost savings of up to 20% or even more throughout the year!

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Your Houston HVAC System Is Showing Its Age!

As with the car you drive, sometimes a Houston HVAC system is simply so old that it’s beyond repair, or the repairs needed far outweigh the benefits of a new furnace and air conditioner installation for a Houston home. An HVAC system that is over 10 years old will probably need consistent repairs and will use far more energy than today’s energy-efficient models, so ask your Houston HVAC contractor about an upgrade as well as financing options, rebates, tax incentives, and other ways to lower the cost.

Why Clogs and Leaks Should Not Be Overlooked

A residential air conditioner or furnace should never leaks water, Freon, or gas. Those substances are meant to be fully contained in your residential HVAC system, so when your furnace or AC unit suffers a clog or leak, this indicates a broken hose, drain pipe, or other such part. Freon and gas are both unhealthy if not downright dangerous to you and your family, so don’t assume that such leaks are normal and to be expected. If you notice a loud hissing sound near your HVAC system or signs of leaks and spills, call and HVAC contractor in Houston right away.

Don’t Overlook Inconsistent Heating and Cooling

A quality Houston HVAC system in good repair will push air through the home’s entire system of ducts and vents evenly, so that back rooms and rooms upstairs will be just as comfortable as those near the compressor or furnace. If you notice uneven or inconsistent heating and cooling throughout your home, the ducts might have leaks or the motor of the HVAC system might be struggling. Your furnace or air conditioner might also be undersized for your home and a new air conditioning installation is in order!

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Skipping Regular AC Maintenance in Houston Is a Bad Idea

A residential furnace and air conditioner both have lots of moving parts that wear out over time. Dust and other debris also settle onto furnaces and AC units, causing friction and other damage. Neglecting needed Houston HVAC maintenance puts added stress and strain on your home’s appliances and can lead to early breakdown. If you know you’ve neglected regular AC maintenance in Houston or haven’t had your home’s furnace cleaned and checked in some time, consider calling an HVAC contractor for needed maintenance as soon as possible.

No, Your Home Shouldn’t Be That Humid!

A residential air conditioner removes humidity as well as heat from a home so if your interior rooms feel cold and clammy or cool but still humid during summer months, it’s time for Houston HVAC maintenance or repairs. Your system might be oversized and cycling off too quickly for it to remove humidity properly, or the motor and blower might be struggling to circulate indoor air as it should. Whatever the cause, routine maintenance or some small fixes can often address this issue and keep your Houston HVAC system functioning properly so that it removes humidity as well as heat from the home.

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