The day prior, we were cooling down in the pool on a hot, sunny afternoon. Now we are gathering warm clothing, such as sweaters, coats, and pants. The winter season wouldn't be complete without the furnace. It's the ideal moment to see if the furnace is operating properly. If not, call a team of experts, such as HVAC Repair Houston, to get your HVAC system ready for the winter.

Here are a few tips to prepare an HVAC system for winter :

Prepare Your HVAC System For The Winter Season
  1. Schedule a Tune-Up -

It is a crucial step while getting the HVAC system ready for the winter.  A tune-up service will improve your furnace's efficiency and performance while also making your family and friends more comfortable.

With a heating system tune-up, you may cross off "prepare HVAC system for winter" off your to-do list and benefit from the following:

  1. Repair your Furnace Now -

If you detect any comfort issues with your furnace in past sessions or if it is not functioning properly. Then, it's time to fix your system. It is best to fix it before the winter season arrives so your furnace will work properly for the rest of the season when you need it the most.

Understand when your furnace needs to be repaired.  

  1. When certain areas of your house didn’t get warmth 
  2. When your furnace is working and you hear an unusual noise. 
  3. Different pilot lights
  4. Foul Smelling 

If your furnace displays those problems, get in touch with a nearby HVAC contractor Houston right away.

The expert will diagnose any faults with parts or performance by running diagnostics on your system, and they will then put those fixes into place right away. 

When you call HVAC repair Houston to seek repairs, they may identify and address issues such as grounded or shorted wires, ignitors that need to be replaced, unclean burners that need to be cleaned, and more. 

If these problems are ignored, they can result in energy waste that drives up your energy costs and further deteriorates your heating unit.

3. Replace the Furnace Filter -

One of the reasons for a malfunctioning Furnace is a dirty filter. Due to the heavy working of HVAC systems in summer and winter air filters fill quickly with dust and debris. Which may cause many problems with the furnace-like reduced heating effectiveness, higher energy bills, and furnace damage. Clogged filters may restrict airflow through the HVAC System. The HVAC system has to work harder than necessary because a clogged filter inhibits airflow across it. As a result, the unit is under too much pressure, which can lead to a variety of problems including sluggish cycling. 

The first step is to clean a filter if you suspect any of these issues. Filters sometimes need to be replaced.

4. Check and Clear the Indoor Vent -

The vent is the line that passes and removes the air. The air is removed and passed through a vent tube. The furnace vent may become clogged with leaves, junk, dust, or other particles, which could hinder airflow. A leaky vent in some furnaces can cause the loss of energy or air. It can be the cause of the transient temperature. The remedy for it is to seal the vent. As a result, duct sealing and cleaning constitute another crucial component of furnace preparation.

5. Check the Carbon Monoxide Detector -

Carbon monoxide is a gas produced due to the incomplete combustion of fuel. Every house should have a carbon monoxide detector that detects the amount of carbon dioxide released. Check the detector and replace the batteries in the carbon monoxide detectors as you prepare the furnace.

6. Avoid Drafts and Ensure Proper Airflow -

Air leak is the main cause of improper draft which may result in heat loss and discomfort. Your heating system will use less energy if these leaks are sealed, and there is enough airflow.

Be sure to follow the above tips so your furnace is winter-ready!!!

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When the weather outside is hot and humid, the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to stop working. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also be expensive to repair. That's why it's important to hire professionals for superior air conditioning repair service. In this blog, we'll explore the reasons why you should hire professionals for your AC repair needs.

When your air conditioner breaks down, don't try to fix it yourself. Hire a professional for superior air conditioning repair service.

6 Reasons To Hire Professionals For Superior Air Conditioning Repair Service

1. Experience and expertise to properly diagnose the problem

The experts at AC Repair Houston have the experience and expertise to properly diagnose the problem with your AC unit and suggest the best course of action to resolve the issue. They will also provide you with an estimate of the repair costs.

The Superior HVAC team is highly experienced in AC unit repair and replacement. We will make sure to properly diagnose the problem with your AC unit and suggest the best course of action to resolve the issue. In addition, we will provide you with an estimate of the repair costs. Superior HVAC Repair Houston is your best choice for AC unit repair and replacement.

2. Quickly and efficiently repair the issue

If you have experienced water damage, you know how important it is to call a professional water damage restoration company right away. Water damage can cause extensive damage to your home, so it is important to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. A professional water damage restoration company will have the proper equipment to dry out your home and prevent further damage. They can also help you with insurance claims and other paperwork. 

Don’t let water damage ruin your home – call a professional water damage restoration company at HVAC Houston today!

3. Proper inspection and assured service

The service tech will visit your home to make sure that the unit is installed properly and working efficiently. They will properly test the unit to ensure it is working properly before they leave. The service tech will visit your home to make sure that the unit is installed properly and working efficiently. They will properly test the unit to ensure it is working properly before they leave. The service tech will visit your home to make sure that the unit is installed properly and working efficiently. They will properly test the unit to ensure it is working properly before they leave. The service tech will also change the filter and give you a preventative maintenance check to keep your unit running smoothly all year long!

4. Warranty

If you are looking for a reputable and reliable company to do some work on your home, then you should definitely consider getting a warranty from them. This will ensure that you are able to get the work done that you need without having to worry about anything going wrong.

Additionally, if something does happen to go wrong with the work that was done, then you will be covered financially. This can give you great peace of mind knowing that you will not have to worry about anything unexpected happening. At Superior HVAC Houston, we offer a 2-year labor warranty. 

5. Properly disposal of any hazardous materials

When you hire a professional cleaning company, you can rest assured that they will take care of any hazardous materials in a responsible way. They will follow all local regulations for the disposal of these materials and will make sure that they do not pose a risk to your health or the environment. This includes materials like cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals, as well as medical waste.

6. They will save you time and money in the long run.

If your air conditioner breaks down, it can be tempting to try to fix it yourself. However, this is usually not a good idea. First of all, unless you are an experienced air conditioning repair service technician, you are likely to make the problem worse. Second, even if you are able to fix the problem, it is likely that the repair will be only temporary. This means that you will have to spend more money on repairs in the future. Save on all your effort, time and money.

If you have questions about your air conditioning unit, Contact us now to learn more. We can provide some helpful advice on what to expect if something goes wrong in your system. Our specialists work hard to deliver top-quality service, and we promise to keep your warranty intact so you don’t have to worry about losing it. Just give us a call and request a free estimate today.

Furnaces are one of the most integral parts of our homes, providing us with warmth and comfort during the colder months. Especially in the fall and winter seasons. That’s why it’s so frustrating when they break down, leaving us shivering in the cold. The last thing anyone would expect is the furnace malfunctioning. One must schedule regular maintenance with the contractors of Superior HVAC Houston to avoid such inconvenience. 

5 Common Furnace Problems Causes Leaving You Shivering In Cold

Although furnace failures can happen for several reasons, there are 5 primary causes that you should be aware of - 

1. Lack of maintenance

It is essential to keep up with the maintenance of your furnace to prevent it from malfunctioning. A build-up of dust and debris can block the flow of air and cause the furnace to overheat. This can lead to a number of problems, including a fire. In addition, a furnace that is not properly maintained will use more energy, which will end up costing you more money in the long run.

If you want to avoid these problems, it’s important to make sure that you keep up with the maintenance of your furnace. This means having it inspected and serviced on a regular basis, as well as replacing any parts that may be worn out. By doing this, you can keep your furnace running smoothly for years to come

2. Dirty filters

If your furnace isn't working properly, one possible cause is dirty filters. Over time, dust and dirt can build up on your furnace filters, making them less effective at trapping airborne particles. This can cause a number of problems, including decreased heating efficiency, increased energy costs, and furnace damage.

If you suspect that dirty filters are causing problems with your furnace, the first step is to check the filters and clean them if necessary. If the filters are very dirty, you may need to replace them. You should also have your furnace serviced by Superior heating and cooling professionals to make sure there aren't any other issues.

3. Pilot light issues

If you have a gas furnace, you know that the pilot light is an important part of the overall system. This small flame ignites the gas that powers the furnace, and without it, the furnace will not work. Unfortunately, pilot light issues are a common problem that can cause your furnace to stop working.

There are a few different things that can cause pilot light problems. The most common issue is that the pilot light goes out due to a draft. This can happen if the pilot light is located near a window or door. Another common issue is a dirty pilot light. If the pilot light is dirty, it can be more difficult for the gas to ignite. Lastly, pilot light issues can also be caused by a problem with the gas line. If there is a leak in the gas line, it can cause the pilot light to go out. Watch out for these problems and call Superior HVAC Houston for aid if you spot any of the above issues. 

4. Thermostat problems

Another reason for your furnace not working properly could be a problem with your thermostat. Thermostat problems are often the cause of furnace problems because the thermostat controls the furnace. If the thermostat isn't working properly, it can cause the furnace to overheat or not heat properly.

Common thermostat problems that can cause furnace problems include:

If you're having furnace problems, it's a good idea to check your thermostat first. By troubleshooting and fixing the most common thermostat problems, the issues regarding the temperature balance would be taken care of and it then won’t cause any harm to the furnace. 

5. Electrical issues

If you're having furnace problems, it could be due to electrical issues. Here are some of the most common electrical issues that can cause furnace problems:

1. Loose or damaged wires

2. Tripped circuit breakers

3. Blown fuses

4. Power outages

If you suspect that an electrical issue is causing your furnace problems, the first thing you should do is check the wiring. Make sure all the connections are tight and there are no damaged wires. If you find any damaged wires, you should call our technicians at Superior heating and cooling over just an electrician. The reason is that it’s better to have an expert’s hand when it comes to the repair of HVAC Hoston. 

By being aware of these common causes of furnace failure, you can help prevent your own furnace from breaking down in this cold. Need more help? Call our experts in Superior HVAC Houston. We are available on call 24/7 and offer prompt services so that you don’t have to suffer the inconvenience due to the failure of HVAC in Houston weather.

Despite how old your heater is, you’ll always want your furnace to last longer. Well with superior heating and cooling maintenance and services, it surely will. Apart from that, there are certain things you can volunteer to do in order to keep your furnace in pristine condition. In this blog, we are going to discuss those things that’ll help you prolong the lifespan of your furnace.

How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Furnace?

A furnace has an average life of around 15 to 20 years if maintained properly. This proper maintenance asks for professional assistance from superior heating and cooling technicians. Many technicians for Conroe TX heater repair also provide maintenance, installation, and replacement services. All you have to do is book a yearly preventive maintenance package and the rest will be taken care of by the professionals at HVAC companies. This seasonal maintenance is the must-have for prolonging the life of your furnace.

Although the maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your aging furnace, there are certain replacements that are a must after several intervals. Furnace filters are one of those. In spite of cleaning regularly, the fiberglass air filters can’t stand as long as the furnace’s lifespan. These air filters are disposable and hence could be changed regularly. The filthy air filters make your heating system work harder to pump air and cause extra wear to the furnace. Apart from changing the filters, many companies offer cleaning services along with HVAC repair Conroe. 

Like the filthy air filters, the dust grunge in your duct can cause obstruction to the in and out flow in the duct causing your furnace to overwork and extra wear. Another reason for increasing trouble to your furnace is the leaky ductwork. If the potential air entry/escapes aren’t sealed properly, even a superior heating and cooling system won’t be able to give the ultimate results at heating or cooling the spaces despite the ultimate performance as it’ll be affected by external temperatures. Hence it is important to keep the ducts clean and sealed to avoid disturbance to the airflow due to obstructions and leaks. 

This workload on your furnace could be reduced with sufficient insulation. Attic insulation is often suggested by superior heating and cooling services companies. The attic insulation keeps the warmth created by the furnace of your HVAC system where it belongs to be. The attic is the presumable area to lose heat and air. Therefore, upgrading the insulation in this area will help to scale back the number of warmth and air produced by your HVAC unit. Insulating the basement and adding extra insulation to the walls will also help in this capacity.

The lesser the use of the heater, the lesser the need for Conroe TX heater repair, and the lesser the wear of your furnace. To lessen this use, turning off your HVAC system when not in use is essential. Doing this manually is not necessarily possible all the time. The programmable thermostats are of great use in such situations. The programmable thermostats could be switched down for times when the HVAC system is not in use. This prevents excessive energy consumption which will surely reflect in your reduced utility bill. 

Many people don’t understand the severe requirement of scheduling a maintenance appointment with Conroe TX heater repair services until their furnace starts malfunctioning. Furnace maintenance services are the preventive measures to avoid such malfunctioning conditions of your HVAC system. Also, the more the frequency of the HVAC repair Conroe, the less the life of the system. Hence, it is important to avoid repeated repairs by well maintaining your HVAC system. Buying the maintenance package will relieve you from the efforts of scheduling the maintenance appointment timely. 

Looking for the best HVAC companies to buy the maintenance package? We’ve got you covered. At Superior HVAC of Texas, we provide furnace maintenance packages for home and business owners in Houston and surrounding areas. Our goal is to detect the furnace issues before they cause greater damage, saving you time, money, and aggravation. Our furnace service in Houston includes furnace repair, replacement, and installation. Do not hesitate to award us with an opportunity to serve you the best. 

Everyone is willful to well-maintain their HVAC system. However, the term well-maintained is confusing. If your HVAC system is working properly doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s maintained well. Regular HVAC maintenance is important to avoid sudden potential breakdowns due to keeping the HVAC system much busy without even servicing. 

Many HVAC companies in Houston offer routine maintenance packages. Such packages relieve your stress by assuring that your HVAC system will be working at its peak efficiency the whole year. Also, if your HVAC system faces any issues despite the regular maintenance, the HVAC maintenance package is inclusive of their technicians’ services on such malfunctioning issues.

There are many reasons why you must opt for this routine maintenance of your HVAC system. Here we are going to see all these reasons to regularly schedule your HVAC maintenance.

Regularly Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance
  1. Enhance Energy Efficiency

Many HVAC companies in Houston claim to offer the best and most energy-efficient HVAC units. However,  if not maintained properly, such HVAC units won’t be giving the expected results. The routine maintenance keeps your HVAC unit cleaned, lubricated, aligned and repaired to perform more efficiently and avoid the extra usage of the energy dropping down the utility bill.

  1. Improving Indoor Air Quality

In order to optimize indoor air quality, the HVAC companies in Houston will evaluate your home’s air intake systems and modify them accordingly to achieve optimal airflow. Their maintenance technicians will also check possible air pollutants within your home, like stoves and heating systems, and make adjustments so that they’re operating at a safe air capacity. Such maintenance services are also able to add air filtration systems to your home to filter pollens, dust and other allergens and improve the overall indoor air quality. 

  1. Inspection of HVAC System

To ensure nothing is overlooked, a thorough check of all the components of your HVAC system is required in order to well-maintain it. It includes assessments of the electrical components, filters, moving parts, safety features, pressures, and more. Here are the components of your HVAC system in order that they are inspected -

  1. Increase the Comfort and Safety

HVAC Houston services such as home air filtration are complicated. It's best to opt for HVAC maintenance services that you can trust for your indoor air quality needs. Such services restore your HVAC systems to their most efficient performance and provide you with better comfort each season. 

It's important to have professional ventilation and air quality expert to offer appropriate solutions to increase the safety of the life within the spaces the HVAC system is actively running. Regular maintenance by professional HVAC companies provides such health assurance. Put your family’s health first with routine maintenance while you continue using the HVAC system throughout the year.

  1. Probable Repair and Replacement

You don’t have to wait for your HVAC system to stop working to understand the need for repair. Often a worn HVAC system will cycle on and off but not function as it should, so consider a few signs that it’s time to call the contractors of HVAC Houston. If your interior spaces are excessively humid in the summertime or overly warm then windy in wintertime, this also typically signals the necessity for HVAC repairs.

Most of the time, you don’t even get the luxury to restore the efficiency of your HVAC system with the repair. These are the times when you are too late to notice your malfunctioning HVAC unit. Such circumstances leave you with no other option but the replacement of your HVAC unit. Here at Superior HVAC of Texas, we provide the HVAC replacement services too along with the other maintenance services.

  1. Extend the HVAC’s Lifespan

As we had discussed in the previous point that sometimes it’s too late to repair your HVAC unit that you have to replace it. On the other hand, if you regularly maintain your HVAC system, it is more likely to perform with the utmost efficiency even beyond its expected life. Expanding the life of your HVAC system surely reduces a huge amount of expenses. Hence, regular maintenance is a cost-effective preventive investment for your comfort and safety.

  1. Vent Clearance

Regular ductwork cleaning is additionally vital for fresh air inside the house. The routine maintenance services include thorough cleaning of ducts for indoor and outdoor clearance. Clean ducts also work together with your home air filters to interrupt dirt and debris and provides easier breathing overall. Cleaner ducts also reduce wear and tear on your home’s HVAC units, keeping the appliances functioning at ultimate efficiency.

For all the people concerned about the green footprint, a well-maintained HVAC system consumes less energy and fuels. Along with all the other reasons, this is a perk that you’ll be helping the environment a little. Understand the utter importance of regular HVAC maintenance and buy your maintenance package from Superior HVAC of Texas. 

Tips To Prepare Your Air Conditioning System For The Fall Season

As you might be enjoying a short but notoriously hot summer season in Houston by staying indoors there’s only one thing that deserves credit to keep you at peace - Your extremely busy air conditioning system. But, if you step out of your house now, you’ll experience that cool winds have begun to blow. This means it’s time to opt for air conditioning repair services to prepare your air conditioning system for the cooler season. 

Prepare Your Air Conditioning System For The Fall Season

Autumn or fall will knock on your doors within a very few weeks. That makes now the best time to start preparing your air conditioning system for the upcoming season. Wonder where to start from? Here are some tips to be prepared with the air conditioning repair Houston for the fall. 

Along with regular HVAC maintenance, changing the air filters regularly is important. Especially at the end of Summer as your system might have reached the limit of the temperatures since the air conditioning installation in Houston. Change those air filters while preparing for the upcoming season.

As for the vents, several air conditioning repair services in Houston offer cleaning services too. Opt for those to remove the debris collected over time and get your air vents cleaned. It’ll improve the indoor air quality and will also lessen the odor and the chances of seasonal allergies.

In the upcoming cooler season, maintain the warmth inside the house by not letting the warm air leak through the window or door gaps. Seal those air leaks at the time of the maintenance checkups or even the air conditioning installation in Houston to reduce the waste of energy.

Outdoor units or condenser units could be affected a lot during every season. If there are tree branches above your outdoor unit or over-grown grass or other debris, make sure you clean it all out. It’s important to clear all the obstacles on the way in and out with the air conditioning repair in Houston to improve indoor quality and well maintain your HVAC system.

The thermostat is a device that adjusts according to how you live. It basically automates the change in temperature according to the external degrees to offer you the utmost comfort. While you change the clocks this season, make sure you change your thermostat settings too. 

The air conditioner’s evaporator coil and condenser coil collect the dust over time affecting the efficiency of your AC unit. If you choose to clean them on your own, there are several no-rinse coil cleaners available on the market. However, it’s always better that you opt for the technicians from the air conditioning repair Houston. 

A clogged evaporator drain is required to be cleaned timely to avoid bigger problems like flooding in the house. The algae and mold could clog the evaporator drain eventually ending in the flooding house. To avoid such hassles, opt for the best air conditioning repair services in Houston.

As we are talking about opting for the best air conditioning repair services, understand the importance of the regular maintenance of your HVAC system. 

  1. Regular maintenance and servicing save the excessive use of electric energy. This saves a lot of costs.
  2. The energy efficiency works in great support of environmental friendliness.
  3. Hiring professionals is a safer and the most reliable option to eliminate the possible risk.
  4. It offers better indoor comfort by managing all the hassles of your HVAC system.

Are you thinking of scheduling one for your HVAC Houston?

Here at Superior HVAC of Texas, we’ve got you covered with the best air conditioning repair services in the greater Houston area. We also offer air conditioning installation in Houston or even replacement services.

Give us a call to prepare your air conditioning system for the fall season today and enjoy the rest of summer peacefully. 

Ever seen 4 air conditioners in the same room of a commercial complex dripping water due to malfunctioning? Wonder what would have gone wrong with all of them? The problem started when residential air conditioners were preferred over commercial HVAC companies at the time of buying. 

But why did one prefer to buy a residential AC unit for the commercial complex? It was a pocket-friendly option then indeed. But, it must have turned completely during the time of maintenance. The repetitive ac repair Houston would have cost the owner more than the expenses he weaved by choosing the residential AC units over commercial.

To avoid such losses, it is a must to understand the differences between commercial and residential HVAC. 

To avoid such losses, it is a must to understand the differences between commercial and residential HVAC.

Referring to the situation mentioned above, Commercial buildings require larger HVAC systems in terms of size and capacity. An AC that is used in a single-family house won’t be sufficient to keep cool the huge warehouse. Bigger the apartment or building, the bigger the HVAC system. 

Also, more is expected indeed from the Commercial HVAC companies and hence the commercial AC units have a more complex structure than residential AC units to meet the excessive needs. Also, there might be the intervention of the Thermostat settings which are for the purpose of automation in the temperature settings for heating or cooling.  

The commercial AC contractors most of the time deal with the centralized air conditioning system which unveils another layer of complexity.

As we had started discussing the centralized air conditioning system, let’s understand the difference between these two HVAC systems based on their placement locations. The residential AC units are on the side of the room and barely involve any electric connection hassles. Whereas, the commercial AC units are placed on the roof. This again tweaks the complexity. Such an AC repair in Houston is tricky and requires a professional person to handle it.

Now, to talk about the outdoor HVAC units, the outdoor units created by the commercial HVAC companies are comparatively more huge than the HVAC units for residential apartments. Hence the residential HVAC units are fixed on the external wall. However, the outdoor units of commercial HVAC companies are generally on the top of the building to avoid possible noise disturbance. 

As we had discussed the difference between the sizes of residential and commercial HVAC units, a proper drainage system is required for complete evaporation. Along with the complexity, the commercial HVAC system also has multiple drainage pipes to avoid the possibility of overflow due to the limited evaporation. 

On the other hand, for residential systems, a single pan is used instead of multiple pipes and pans as it is smaller in size. This is why one has to call the commercial ac contractors even for a small HVAC repair in Conroe. 

Commercial HVAC systems differ drastically from Residential HVAC systems when it comes to the equipment used and the Mechanism. The mechanism of the HVAC units mostly depends on the structure of the building. For commercial HVAC systems, modular units are used. However, for the residential HVAC systems, they use standalone units split into two, indoor and outdoor. 

The set of equipment used in both the AC repair Houston is different. As we discussed in the difference between drainage systems, the need for control over temperature and humidity is huge in commercial HVAC systems as compared to residential ones. Hence, there is a drastic difference between the equipment used for the two of these systems.

The last and most important point of difference between these is the maintenance costs. As we started the discussion with the difference between the prices of residential and commercial HVAC systems, there is also a huge difference between the prices of HVAC repair in Conroe for these two systems. However, the situation that we had discussed in the beginning couldn’t be a solution to cut the prices. Although the maintenance costs of Commercial HVAC companies are more as compared to those of residential ones, the use of residential HVAC units in commercial buildings will raise the maintenance costs even more. 

Hence, it is important to acknowledge all these differences and choose accordingly. We hope that the blog helps you choose the best HVAC system for your places. If not, we are here to help. Here at Superior HVAC, we provide 24/7 services for AC repair in Houston, and also the replacement and installations of the heating and cooling systems. Feel free to get in touch with us for all your queries and HVAC requirements.

Summer makes us realize how dependent our existence is on air conditioners. It is difficult to survive the summer in Houston without the installation of an air conditioner. As we have seen the tips to beat the heat with HVAC in the previous blog, here we are about to see the benefits of hiring professional Air Conditioning repair services this summer for staying cool and comfortable.  

You might be very confident about being able to install your air conditioner on your own. But, you are wrong. It is a myth that one can install their air conditioner on their own by just reading the instruction or watching some YouTube video. It is a must to hire professional air conditioning installation Houston services.

Now, what do these professional installation and regular maintenance services offer? Let’s see.

Professional Air Conditioning Repair Services
  1. Efficient use of energy

Regular maintenance and servicing save the excessive use of electric energy. Also, professional assistance in the installation saves your unit from the further possibilities of damage that is generally caused due to minor mistakes during the installation of the unit. The installation might be a simple process but a minor fault there can cause a lot of lateral maintenance that’ll eventually lead to the replacement. Hence the professional air conditioning installation in Houston avails you of the efficient use of energy.

  1. Cost savings

If we refer to the previous discussion, the efficient use of energy saves a lot of costs. First, opting for the best air conditioning installation in Houston will reduce the expenses of repair and replacement. The second is that the HVAC installers offer a warranty and guarantee that opens the option of easy replacement if the AC doesn’t work ideally. The survey says that on average, every year homeowners save $140 every year with the use of an efficient HVAC system. This indeed results in reduced electricity bills and saved costs.

  1. Environment friendliness

As energy efficiency works in great support of environmental friendliness, there is another factor the professional air conditioning repair services offer. The reduced usage of energy means the reduced use of fuels and fossils and hence lowered carbon footprint. The reduced use of energy lessens the dependency on the electrical grid. 

  1. Selecting the right air conditioner

The efficient HVAC services don’t just offer air conditioning repair in Houston, but also it can advise you on the right choice of air conditioner for your space. Just like an AC with a capacity of 2.0 tons can not cool down your 600 sqft space, there are many other factors that are to be considered while selecting the perfect air conditioner for your place. The professional assistance helps you make a perfect choice. 

  1. Exciting Discounts on services

Another benefit of professional air conditioning repair in Houston is that they keep on introducing various discount offers on the regular servicing and maintenance packages. Also, there are some seasonal discounts on the maintenance plans exactly during the time homeowners need it and some special discounts for the seniors and military persons. 

  1. Quick service by Trained Professionals

The trained professionals provided by the HVAC contractors for the air conditioning repair in Houston are indeed the experienced ones. The servicing, repair, installation, or replacement takes very less time if done by these professionals or under their watch. The efficient HVAC service providers assign trained and experienced professionals for the servicing and maintenance of your HVAC devices. This brings efficiency to the maintenance. Also, it elongates the time for the next servicing and these intervals are large due to the professional assistance.

  1. Service safety and reliability

There are certain parts of an air conditioner that are to be handled with care properly while repairing or installing. Even a little sloppiness can cause injury.  Also, the air conditioner is a device using high voltage power. Hence, service safety is important for further safety. For this, the professionals of air conditioning repair in Houston are reliable sources. Hiring professionals is a safer and the most reliable option to eliminate the possible risk. 

  1. Better Comfort

The sole motive the HVAC system serves is to offer better comfort indoors. Keeping life in the space warm, nice, and comfortable with a suitable feel-good temperature, fragrances, and minimum repair hassles can be achieved with the professional air conditioning repair services by the most efficient HVAC in Houston. 

Keep your places cool with Superior HVAC of Texas

At Superior HVAC of Texas, we specialize in Houston HVAC services including air conditioning repair services, installation, and replacement throughout Houston, Texas. Prepare yourself to be relieved from the summer heat with us. Whether you need AC repair or replacement, we are available 24/7 and dedicated to quality and affordable HVAC services. Reach us now to learn more about our HVAC maintenance packages

Although summer in the USA is for a shorter period of time, Houston has reached some extreme heights of temperatures. And although summer brings the vacay mood, these heat extremes have made staying cool indoors a preferable and popular choice. And for that many native people ring the bells of HVAC companies in Houston

Before opting for the HVAC contractors, here are a few tips for you to prepare your air conditioners on your own for the summer. 

  1. Watch for the maintenance of the enclosure panel and coil

After the disaster winter possibly would have created, winding up its mess is important. As a start, check out the condensers and remove the debris from their coils.

  1. Take off the outdoor covers

If you have covered those outdoor units to save them from the debris winter would have thrown in, it is time to take them off to save your devices from the system damage. 

  1. Clean the filter and ducts

Although HVAC repair Houston offers air quality improvement services, you can do some of it on your own. Clean the AC filter by vacuuming, washing, and reinstalling it to improve the indoor air quality. Another factor involved in this improvement of indoor air quality is cleaning the ducts. This helps you monitor the level of humidity and improve the ventilation in the apartment. 

  1. Efficiently use the thermostat to manage the indoor temperature

The thermostat is the most useful device in summers in the USA. Set up the temperature of the thermostat 2-3 degrees higher than the normal point, 30 minutes before leaving the house, and bring it back to the normal 30 minutes before returning home. Or else you can set up your thermostat and forget it. This will condition comfortable temperature in your apartment all day long.

  1. Schedule a servicing with HVAC companies in Texas

Here is where we’ve reached the external help we were talking about to beat the heat this summer - air conditioner servicing. This is more of a preventive measure. Getting your AC servicing done before summer helps your air conditioner work smoothly and efficiently and saves energy.  

Speaking of which, also read Practical Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bill

When does your AC require servicing?

When does your AC require servicing?

These are the signs and their causes suggesting must opt for HVAC repair in Houston as your AC immediately requires servicing -

AC refrigerant leak

AC not blowing cold air

AC leaking water outside

Drainage problem

You must book your servicing appointment with the HVAC companies in Houston, Texas to deal with these issues and be summer-ready to beat the heat. 

How HVAC companies in Houston like us can help?

At Superior HVAC of Texas, we specialize in Houston HVAC services including air conditioner, furnace, and heating system installation, replacement, and repair throughout Houston, Texas. We hold 20+ years of experience and our HVAC contractors are fully equipped to diagnose your system and provide air conditioner repair as well as full air conditioner system replacements if repairs are not enough. We provide services to the entire Greater Houston area. Some of our favorite Houston HVAC service areas include the Woodlands, Spring, Cypress, Magnolia, Conroe, and Tomball. 

Qualities of Superior HVAC

Qualities of Superior HVAC

Know why Superior HVAC aces all other HVAC companies in Houston, Texas.

We offer 24/7 support services even for minor issues in your HVAC systems. Also, the $45 service call fees that are waved with your air conditioning repair & the same offer apply for all HVAC repairs in Houston. 

As we are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, we offer a free Service Agreement with any AC installation or replacement.

We offer 2-year labor warranties on all full heater or air conditioner replacements.

We are a proud partner with the Wounded Warrior Project - An amount is donated to the Wounded Warrior Project with every service.

To value their contribution to society, and acknowledge the financial difficulties after retirement, we offer a 10% discount for seniors, police, and the military.

We offer a $50 Refer A Friend bonus that will be awarded when they become a customer.

If you haven’t got done your AC servicing, get in touch with the best among all the HVAC companies in Texas - Superior HVAC of Texas to beat the heat. 

Your home or business needs regular HVAC maintenance in Houston, to ensure your air conditioner, furnace or heating system, and air filters all function optimally and last as long as possible between needed repairs and replacement. As with regular oil changes and tune-ups for your car, heating and cooling system maintenance reduces wear and tear and ensures all parts function as optimally as possible.

If you’ve been putting off Houston HVAC maintenance for your home or business, you might note what’s included in most maintenance service calls and why this work is so beneficial. You might also consider some signs that it’s time for heating and cooling repairs, so you schedule timely fixes as needed. These simple tips might very well extend the life of your residential or commercial HVAC system and help avoid costly and otherwise unnecessary repairs.

HVAC heating and air conditioning repair in Houston

What Is Involved in Houston HVAC Maintenance?

As with any other appliance or machinery with moving parts, a residential or commercial HVAC system needs regular maintenance, including cleaning, belt tightening, and oiling. Note what most heating and cooling companies in Houston include in a standard HVAC maintenance call and how these services benefit you.

All of these vital steps keep your residential or commercial heating and cooling system in good repair and ensure it operates as efficiently as possible. You’ll then avoid early breakdown and might even see lower utility bills throughout the year when you schedule regular HVAC maintenance.

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Signs You Need Furnace or AC Repair in Houston

Your HVAC system doesn’t need to shut down completely to need repairs. Very often a worn air conditioner or furnace will cycle on and off but not function as it should, so consider a few signs that it’s time to call a Houston HVAC contractor. Timely fixes help to avoid more extensive and expensive repairs down the road!

One common sign of an HVAC system needing repairs is that your home or business never seems to reach a comfortable temperature, even when the furnace or AC cycles on. In  many cases, old and worn parts result in an air conditioner or furnace not able to push air through a structure’s ductwork. A faulty thermostat or worn wiring between the thermostat and HVAC system might also signal those appliances to cycle off prematurely.

If your interior spaces are also overly humid in summertime or very warm and then very drafty in wintertime, this also typically signals the need for HVAC repairs in Houston! Your air conditioner might cycle off before it can remove humidity as well as heat, or the furnace might be cycling on and off too quickly so that rooms get very warm and then very cold. A thermostat adjustment or other simple repairs often mean a comfortable environment once again.

Old and worn furnaces and air conditioners also tend to draw more power than they should, as damaged parts work harder to operate. You might then notice a sudden increase in your utility bills or experience brownouts and blown circuits in your home or office.

Scheduling HVAC maintenance in Houston also gives your technician a chance to check for needed repairs. He or she can inspect appliance belts and bearings and note excessive wear, as well as an unusual buildup of dirt and debris in the furnace filter. Making even the simplest repairs when needed keeps that HVAC system running as it should and helps avoid wasting energy and utility costs.

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