How Do Home Air Filters in Houston Work, and Are They Worth the Cost?

December 25, 2019

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One of the best ways to improve indoor air quality and create a healthy interior environment is with home air filters in Houston. A whole house air filtration system keeps your home’s interior free of dust, pet hair and dander, air pollution residues, pollen, and other debris that are often bothersome to both people and pets!

There are many types of whole house air filtration systems for Houston area homes and commercial-quality filtration systems designed for businesses as well. Understanding a bit more about your choices and how they work can help you better understand if they’re worth the cost, and decide which air filter is right for your home or business!

How Do Home Air Filters in Houston Work?

In simple terms, a home media air filter in Houston traps dirt, dust, and other debris so that these bothersome residues don’t circulate through the home. Your home’s furnace should have an air filter that works year-round to trap and lock dirt and debris as air is pushed through the ducts connected to your heating and cooling system.

An electronic air purification system for Houston homes is a bit different; these systems don’t simply trap and lock debris but use ionization or another means to kill germs and bacteria in the air. A high-voltage charge attracts and then “zaps” or kills contaminants before they’re circulated around your home. Some home air filtration systems in Houston are hybrid, or a combination of both a filter and electronic ionizer, and some also have a carbon element that works to kill odors.

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Your Choices for Home Air Filters in Houston

Knowing a bit more about your choices for home air filters in Houston can help you decide the best choice for your house, as well as how often they need changing or other maintenance throughout the year.

  • Fiberglass filters slide into a forced air furnace. Note that both a furnace and central air conditioning system push air through this filter, so it works to trap dirt and dust throughout the year and typically need to be changed about once per month.
  • Accordion or pleated filters have more fibers in the same space than honeycomb filters, offering increased filtration.
  • Electro-statically charged filters attract dust and other bothersome particles, offering even more filtration than plain fiberglass filters.
  • Extended media filters are typically about three times as thick as standard fiberglass filters! These boxy filters require professional installation as they’re attached to the home’s ventilation system but they also trap maximum amounts of dirt, dust, pollen, and other irritants, for a cleaner interior environment overall. If you live near a production facility, busy roadway, or other spot prone to added air pollution, choose an extended media filter.
  • Electronic filters also require professional installation but also trap up to 30 times more dirt and dust than standard fiberglass filters. As air passes through one end of the filter, the electrical system sends out a charge that attaches to dirt, dust, and smoke particles. At the other end of the unit, collector plates attract those electrical charges so that bothersome debris attaches to the plates, just like being attached to a magnet!
  • Ultraviolet filters use UV light to kill germs, bacteria, and other biological contaminants. These UV filters are an excellent choice in kitchens, bathrooms, and a baby’s room, where germs and bacteria abound! Ultraviolet filters are also preferred by many commercial business owners, for use in kitchens and medical settings or where cleanliness is vitally important.
  • Portable ion units are similar to ultraviolet and electronic units it that they attach an electronic particle to dirt and dust. Portable units are an excellent choice for homes or other structures without a furnace or ductwork, but individual units are usually undersized and not strong enough for keeping an entire home free of pollutants.

How Effective Are Home Air Filters in Houston?

It’s vital that a homeowner change the furnace filter often, as these clog with dirt and debris rather quickly and especially the more often you use your furnace or air conditioner. Once a filter is clogged or otherwise at full capacity, your HVAC system runs less efficiently and more dirt and dust circulate throughout your home. You might even notice more layers of dust on your furniture, dry skin and eyes, and a general uncomfortable feeling in the home when you neglect to change that filter!

The Environmental Protection Agency also notes that the efficiency and effectiveness of a filter depends on its overall rating and manufacture. Mid-range filters are excellent for removing dirt as well as allergens, allowing those with allergies and other sensitivities to breathe better in the home. Filters with higher ratings remove automotive fumes and smaller particles of dust and dirt, while hospital quality filters remove the tiniest particles as well as bacteria, residual cigarette smoke, and even germs from sneezing!

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Tips for Keeping Air Inside a Home Fresh and Clean!

Along with a whole house filtration system in Houston, remember to keep your vacuum cleaner canister or bag changed often, and vacuum your floors every day or at least every other day! Regular vacuuming removes dust, dirt, pollen, and other residues from the carpet so they don’t become airborne. Everyday dusting with a static cloth or cleaning fluid is also a great way to keep the home fresh and clean.

For homes near production facilities or other areas prone to dust and debris, consider window and door screens with small mesh, to keep outside debris from making its way into the home. If your home has a fireplace, ensure that the chimney and hearth are cleaned often, to remove soot and ash and keep them from settling around the home.

Regular ductwork cleaning is also vital for fresh air inside the home. Clean ducts also work with your home air filters in Houston to keep dirt and debris from circulating around the home, allowing for easier breathing overall. Cleaner ducts also reduce wear and tear on your home’s furnace and air conditioning, keeping these appliances working at maximum efficiency and eliminating otherwise unnecessary repairs and maintenance.


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