How Does Commercial HVAC Differ From Residential

July 25, 2022

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Ever seen 4 air conditioners in the same room of a commercial complex dripping water due to malfunctioning? Wonder what would have gone wrong with all of them? The problem started when residential air conditioners were preferred over commercial HVAC companies at the time of buying. 

But why did one prefer to buy a residential AC unit for the commercial complex? It was a pocket-friendly option then indeed. But, it must have turned completely during the time of maintenance. The repetitive ac repair Houston would have cost the owner more than the expenses he weaved by choosing the residential AC units over commercial.

To avoid such losses, it is a must to understand the differences between commercial and residential HVAC. 

To avoid such losses, it is a must to understand the differences between commercial and residential HVAC.
  • Capacity and Complexity:

Referring to the situation mentioned above, Commercial buildings require larger HVAC systems in terms of size and capacity. An AC that is used in a single-family house won’t be sufficient to keep cool the huge warehouse. Bigger the apartment or building, the bigger the HVAC system. 

Also, more is expected indeed from the Commercial HVAC companies and hence the commercial AC units have a more complex structure than residential AC units to meet the excessive needs. Also, there might be the intervention of the Thermostat settings which are for the purpose of automation in the temperature settings for heating or cooling.  

The commercial AC contractors most of the time deal with the centralized air conditioning system which unveils another layer of complexity.

  • Placement Location:

As we had started discussing the centralized air conditioning system, let’s understand the difference between these two HVAC systems based on their placement locations. The residential AC units are on the side of the room and barely involve any electric connection hassles. Whereas, the commercial AC units are placed on the roof. This again tweaks the complexity. Such an AC repair in Houston is tricky and requires a professional person to handle it.

Now, to talk about the outdoor HVAC units, the outdoor units created by the commercial HVAC companies are comparatively more huge than the HVAC units for residential apartments. Hence the residential HVAC units are fixed on the external wall. However, the outdoor units of commercial HVAC companies are generally on the top of the building to avoid possible noise disturbance. 

  • Drainage requirements:

As we had discussed the difference between the sizes of residential and commercial HVAC units, a proper drainage system is required for complete evaporation. Along with the complexity, the commercial HVAC system also has multiple drainage pipes to avoid the possibility of overflow due to the limited evaporation. 

On the other hand, for residential systems, a single pan is used instead of multiple pipes and pans as it is smaller in size. This is why one has to call the commercial ac contractors even for a small HVAC repair in Conroe. 

  • Equipment used and Mechanism:

Commercial HVAC systems differ drastically from Residential HVAC systems when it comes to the equipment used and the Mechanism. The mechanism of the HVAC units mostly depends on the structure of the building. For commercial HVAC systems, modular units are used. However, for the residential HVAC systems, they use standalone units split into two, indoor and outdoor. 

The set of equipment used in both the AC repair Houston is different. As we discussed in the difference between drainage systems, the need for control over temperature and humidity is huge in commercial HVAC systems as compared to residential ones. Hence, there is a drastic difference between the equipment used for the two of these systems.

  • Maintenance costs:

The last and most important point of difference between these is the maintenance costs. As we started the discussion with the difference between the prices of residential and commercial HVAC systems, there is also a huge difference between the prices of HVAC repair in Conroe for these two systems. However, the situation that we had discussed in the beginning couldn’t be a solution to cut the prices. Although the maintenance costs of Commercial HVAC companies are more as compared to those of residential ones, the use of residential HVAC units in commercial buildings will raise the maintenance costs even more. 

Hence, it is important to acknowledge all these differences and choose accordingly. We hope that the blog helps you choose the best HVAC system for your places. If not, we are here to help. Here at Superior HVAC, we provide 24/7 services for AC repair in Houston, and also the replacement and installations of the heating and cooling systems. Feel free to get in touch with us for all your queries and HVAC requirements.

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