How To Prepare Your HVAC System For The Winter Season

January 17, 2023

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The day prior, we were cooling down in the pool on a hot, sunny afternoon. Now we are gathering warm clothing, such as sweaters, coats, and pants. The winter season wouldn't be complete without the furnace. It's the ideal moment to see if the furnace is operating properly. If not, call a team of experts, such as HVAC Repair Houston, to get your HVAC system ready for the winter.

Here are a few tips to prepare an HVAC system for winter :

Prepare Your HVAC System For The Winter Season
  1. Schedule a Tune-Up -

It is a crucial step while getting the HVAC system ready for the winter.  A tune-up service will improve your furnace's efficiency and performance while also making your family and friends more comfortable.

With a heating system tune-up, you may cross off "prepare HVAC system for winter" off your to-do list and benefit from the following:

  • The longer service life of a furnace
  • Reducing heating costs
  • Enhance furnace performance throughout the winter. 
  1. Repair your Furnace Now -

If you detect any comfort issues with your furnace in past sessions or if it is not functioning properly. Then, it's time to fix your system. It is best to fix it before the winter season arrives so your furnace will work properly for the rest of the season when you need it the most.

Understand when your furnace needs to be repaired.  

  1. When certain areas of your house didn’t get warmth 
  2. When your furnace is working and you hear an unusual noise. 
  3. Different pilot lights
  4. Foul Smelling 

If your furnace displays those problems, get in touch with a nearby HVAC contractor Houston right away.

The expert will diagnose any faults with parts or performance by running diagnostics on your system, and they will then put those fixes into place right away. 

When you call HVAC repair Houston to seek repairs, they may identify and address issues such as grounded or shorted wires, ignitors that need to be replaced, unclean burners that need to be cleaned, and more. 

If these problems are ignored, they can result in energy waste that drives up your energy costs and further deteriorates your heating unit.

3. Replace the Furnace Filter -

One of the reasons for a malfunctioning Furnace is a dirty filter. Due to the heavy working of HVAC systems in summer and winter air filters fill quickly with dust and debris. Which may cause many problems with the furnace-like reduced heating effectiveness, higher energy bills, and furnace damage. Clogged filters may restrict airflow through the HVAC System. The HVAC system has to work harder than necessary because a clogged filter inhibits airflow across it. As a result, the unit is under too much pressure, which can lead to a variety of problems including sluggish cycling. 

The first step is to clean a filter if you suspect any of these issues. Filters sometimes need to be replaced.

4. Check and Clear the Indoor Vent -

The vent is the line that passes and removes the air. The air is removed and passed through a vent tube. The furnace vent may become clogged with leaves, junk, dust, or other particles, which could hinder airflow. A leaky vent in some furnaces can cause the loss of energy or air. It can be the cause of the transient temperature. The remedy for it is to seal the vent. As a result, duct sealing and cleaning constitute another crucial component of furnace preparation.

5. Check the Carbon Monoxide Detector -

Carbon monoxide is a gas produced due to the incomplete combustion of fuel. Every house should have a carbon monoxide detector that detects the amount of carbon dioxide released. Check the detector and replace the batteries in the carbon monoxide detectors as you prepare the furnace.

6. Avoid Drafts and Ensure Proper Airflow -

Air leak is the main cause of improper draft which may result in heat loss and discomfort. Your heating system will use less energy if these leaks are sealed, and there is enough airflow.

Be sure to follow the above tips so your furnace is winter-ready!!!

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