Everyone is willful to well-maintain their HVAC system. However, the term well-maintained is confusing. If your HVAC system is working properly doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s maintained well. Regular HVAC maintenance is important to avoid sudden potential breakdowns due to keeping the HVAC system much busy without even servicing. 

Many HVAC companies in Houston offer routine maintenance packages. Such packages relieve your stress by assuring that your HVAC system will be working at its peak efficiency the whole year. Also, if your HVAC system faces any issues despite the regular maintenance, the HVAC maintenance package is inclusive of their technicians’ services on such malfunctioning issues.

There are many reasons why you must opt for this routine maintenance of your HVAC system. Here we are going to see all these reasons to regularly schedule your HVAC maintenance.

  1. Enhance Energy Efficiency

Many HVAC companies in Houston claim to offer the best and most energy-efficient HVAC units. However,  if not maintained properly, such HVAC units won’t be giving the expected results. The routine maintenance keeps your HVAC unit cleaned, lubricated, aligned and repaired to perform more efficiently and avoid the extra usage of the energy dropping down the utility bill.

  1. Improving Indoor Air Quality

In order to optimize indoor air quality, the HVAC companies in Houston will evaluate your home’s air intake systems and modify them accordingly to achieve optimal airflow. Their maintenance technicians will also check possible air pollutants within your home, like stoves and heating systems, and make adjustments so that they’re operating at a safe air capacity. Such maintenance services are also able to add air filtration systems to your home to filter pollens, dust and other allergens and improve the overall indoor air quality. 

  1. Inspection of HVAC System

To ensure nothing is overlooked, a thorough check of all the components of your HVAC system is required in order to well-maintain it. It includes assessments of the electrical components, filters, moving parts, safety features, pressures, and more. Here are the components of your HVAC system in order that they are inspected -

  1. Increase the Comfort and Safety

HVAC Houston services such as home air filtration are complicated. It's best to opt for HVAC maintenance services that you can trust for your indoor air quality needs. Such services restore your HVAC systems to their most efficient performance and provide you with better comfort each season. 

It's important to have professional ventilation and air quality expert to offer appropriate solutions to increase the safety of the life within the spaces the HVAC system is actively running. Regular maintenance by professional HVAC companies provides such health assurance. Put your family’s health first with routine maintenance while you continue using the HVAC system throughout the year.

  1. Probable Repair and Replacement

You don’t have to wait for your HVAC system to stop working to understand the need for repair. Often a worn HVAC system will cycle on and off but not function as it should, so consider a few signs that it’s time to call the contractors of HVAC Houston. If your interior spaces are excessively humid in the summertime or overly warm then windy in wintertime, this also typically signals the necessity for HVAC repairs.

Most of the time, you don’t even get the luxury to restore the efficiency of your HVAC system with the repair. These are the times when you are too late to notice your malfunctioning HVAC unit. Such circumstances leave you with no other option but the replacement of your HVAC unit. Here at Superior HVAC of Texas, we provide the HVAC replacement services too along with the other maintenance services.

  1. Extend the HVAC’s Lifespan

As we had discussed in the previous point that sometimes it’s too late to repair your HVAC unit that you have to replace it. On the other hand, if you regularly maintain your HVAC system, it is more likely to perform with the utmost efficiency even beyond its expected life. Expanding the life of your HVAC system surely reduces a huge amount of expenses. Hence, regular maintenance is a cost-effective preventive investment for your comfort and safety.

  1. Vent Clearance

Regular ductwork cleaning is additionally vital for fresh air inside the house. The routine maintenance services include thorough cleaning of ducts for indoor and outdoor clearance. Clean ducts also work together with your home air filters to interrupt dirt and debris and provides easier breathing overall. Cleaner ducts also reduce wear and tear on your home’s HVAC units, keeping the appliances functioning at ultimate efficiency.

For all the people concerned about the green footprint, a well-maintained HVAC system consumes less energy and fuels. Along with all the other reasons, this is a perk that you’ll be helping the environment a little. Understand the utter importance of regular HVAC maintenance and buy your maintenance package from Superior HVAC of Texas. 

If you nearly had a heart attack when looking at your latest electricity bill, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans pay too much for their electricity services, or simply consume unnecessary amounts of energy, driving up the cost of what would be a fairly reasonable electricity statement. So, if you haven’t thought twice about turning off those lights or switching to LED light bulbs, maybe you should give some of these things a little more consideration.

Efficient HVAC Services In Spring

To no true surprise, your HVAC unit uses a significant chunk of electricity each month - every day, in fact. During the sweltering heat of the summer (or really just any time of year) here in the Houston area, most homes crank their air conditioning up in order to be comfortable, which feels great, but at the expense of more electricity consumption. To save more money on your electricity bill, we don’t expect you to endure the heat of Texas without air conditioning, but there are some simple things that you can do around the house to reduce your electricity consumption here and there.

Your air conditioning installation experts in Spring are going to go over some of these electricity-saving tips and tricks in today’s blog post. Learn more about our air conditioning installation services or air conditioning repair services, or feel free to get in touch with Superior HVAC today with any questions. Let’s get started.

Keep Your Vents Open And Clean

Some people believe that closing vents can reduce energy consumption by preventing the need to cool or heat a particular room, but that’s actually a myth: closing vents will actually raise your energy costs. So, it puts more money back in your pocket by keeping these vents open.

In terms of keeping the vents clean inside your home, stay up-to-date with your air filters. Air filters keep dirt, dust and other unwanted particles from blowing throughout your home. Do you really want to breathe nasty air inside of your own home? Of course not. These filters need to be replaced monthly or they won’t provide ideal airflow. You can pick up a bulk pack of vent filters at your local hardware store for about one or two dollars per filter - a very minimal investment. Just make sure to measure the size of your vents before you go and get the right ones.

Don’t Use Heat To Dry Your Dishes

To do a thorough job of washing your dishes, your dishwasher requires some heat. However, to dry your dishes, heat is unnecessary and can be rather costly. While the “heated dry” setting helps prevent water spots on your dishes, so do rinsing agents like Jet Dry. So, if you already use a rinsing agent, you can forget the heated dry setting.

Do A Nightly Energy Sweep

We’ve all been guilty of leaving things like fans, lights, appliances and various electronics on at night while we sleep, but doing so wastes energy. Are you really using your PlayStation when you’re asleep? Those would be some impressive sleepwalking skills, but we doubt it.

To reduce electricity usage, do a nightly sweep through your house in order to make sure that all of your electronic devices are turned off before you go to bed. This might be a pain, but realistically, it doesn’t take that long and will save you considerable amounts of money in the long run. Indeed, according to the Department of Energy, just leaving your cable box (if you still have one) plugged in but not turned on for one year will cost you about $17.83. Yikes! Taking the two seconds to unplug various devices around your home every night is sure to save you some money on that costly electricity bill.

Buy A Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are fairly standard technology these days, but many homes and apartment buildings still don’t have them. The convenience of a programmable thermostat is that it automatically sets the target temperature higher in the summer and lower in the winter when you or your family aren’t home. You can even set it to a schedule where it the air conditioning or heating kick on some twenty minutes before you get home, ensuring that your home is comfortable but no energy is wasted while your home is empty.

Programmable thermostats are also pretty cheap these days - you can buy one from a hardware or home improvement store for as little as $25. That’s a pretty small investment when you consider the EPA estimated savings of $180 per year when a properly programmed thermostat is used. It’s 2017, after all, so put technology to work in your favor.

Upgrade Your Appliances

While your entertainment systems and televisions might be top-of-the-line, many homes around the country are using appliances that are simply outdated. Purchasing modern, energy-efficient appliances is far from cheap, but there are a good number of state and local governments as well as utility companies that offer financial incentives for homeowners to upgrade their appliances.

These incentives usually take the form of rebate checks for homeowners who can provide proof of purchase, so keep that receipt on hand (many receipts are sent via email these days anyway).

Schedule Yearly HVAC Maintenance With Superior HVAC of Texas

We specialize in Spring, Texas air conditioning installation, but Superior HVAC of Texas also has HVAC maintenance and AC repair in Houston taken care of. We can work with you to make sure that your AC unit or heater is working efficiently, saving you money over time. Learn more about heating and cooling units in Spring today!

People like things to be comfortable and a lot of that comfort comes down to the temperature. We can’t really control the temperature outside, but with the help of modern HVAC technology, we are able to create a controlled environment inside of a building or a home. So, when the going gets rough outside (as it often does in the Houston area, especially with the frequent sweltering heat we experience), the simple and effective solution is to go inside. Don’t forget to thank your local HVAC system professionals in The Woodlands for making a comfortable home possible!

Keeping You Comfortable With Air Conditioning Installation In The Woodlands

If the key to being comfortable inside of your home is with an HVAC system, then it definitely pays to take proper care of it. Here at Superior HVAC of Texas, we don’t necessarily expect our readers to be heating and cooling experts, and that’s perfectly okay. That’s why our air conditioning installation and residential HVAC repair services exist, actually, to help your home stay at a comfortable temperature even when things go awry with your heating and cooling systems.

In the spirit of education (and talking about something that we’re passionate about), The Woodlands air conditioning installation experts here at Superior HVAC of Texas are going to cover some HVAC system maintenance pointers. Even if you’re not mechanically-inclined, you might be pleasantly surprised at how easy and effective some of these pointers are. For even more information, feel free to reach out to our HVAC specialists today.

Safety First: Shut Off The Power

After you’ve noticed that your home isn’t so cooled down anymore despite multiple attempts at banging on your thermostat, you’ll want to investigate the situation. Before you meddle with anything on your air conditioning unit, do yourself a favor and shut the power off. Due to the inherent dangers of working around electricity and the air conditioner’s moving parts, it is absolutely essential that you completely turn off power to the unit. On the exterior condenser and compressor area, look for an exterior shut-off box near the unit. Also, don’t forget to turn the power off at the breaker box.

Remove Any Debris

You don’t have to be a mechanic or HVAC repairman to notice and remove any debris lodged in your system - so long as you have access to extremely basic tools, you’ve got this. Begin with the exterior condenser and compressor area by removing the fan cage. Next, using a standard screwdriver or wrench, remove the fasteners and lift the cage or fan grill away from the top of the unit. With a gloved hand or a vacuum of sorts, clean out any leaves or other debris from the interior.  

Cleaning The Fins

This is another relatively simple Houston HVAC maintenance tip that’s no more difficult than removing any debris from your unit. Start by removing the outer covers and use the brush attachment on a powerful shop vacuum to remove all the outside dirt that you can. Next, by using the gentle stream of water from a standard garden hose, simply spray through the pins from the inside out to remove any built-up dirt or debris that’s stuck in between each fin. Note that you should never use a pressure washer to do this because the sheer power can damage and bend the fins.

If the fins of your residential HVAC unit are particularly dirty, you can easily purchase a commercial cleaning spray at a local home improvement or hardware store. Just follow the directions on the container and your fins should be just about as good as new.

Straightening The Fins

Over time, fins become bent due to debris, adverse weather conditions, and other reasons. Any reduction in airflow through the fins can reduce your system’s efficiency, so you’ll want to make sure that the fins are straightened out as best you can. To do this, you can use a butter knife or a specialized fin-straightening tool. Make sure to be gentle enough to that the tubing embedded within the fins is not damaged.

Cleaning Around The Unit

Once you’ve finished cleaning up inside the unit, replace the fan cage. Rake any leaves and leftover debris outside the condenser and cut back branches and vegetation at least two feet in all directions, as this will help ensure proper airflow around the unit. During any periods of time when your air conditioning condenser is not in use (a rarity down here in Texas, to be sure), it’s a good idea to cover the top of the unit with a simple piece of plywood or plastic in order to keep debris from falling in.

That being said, make sure not to completely cover the unit’s sides as moisture can build up inside and cause corrosion. It’s also worth noting that a completely covered unit encourages vermin to build nests inside, so be sure to remove any cover when the unit is in operation.

Level Your HVAC Unit

Next, you’ll want to level your unit. This is because, over time, the pad upon which the condenser unit sits on can begin to tip as the soil settles beneath it. An out-of-level condenser unit can cause the compressor inside of it to fail prematurely. Check your condenser to see how level it is and use rot-resistant shims to bring it back to a proper level. The only exception here is if you have a heat pump system, as many heating and cooling experts agree that it’s okay for the pad to be slightly sloped away from the home’s foundation in order allow defrost run-off during the winter. Of course, this rarely applies to us here in the south.

The Woodlands Air Conditioning Repair Professionals Are Here When You Need Us

There are many other maintenance items that we didn’t even get to, so hopefully today’s blog post gave you more of an idea about some of the things that go into properly upkeeping your HVAC system. Stay tuned as we cover additional pointers to ensure that your heating and cooling unit works properly and efficiently, keeping you comfortable in your home and even saving you money on your energy bills. If you have any questions or you’re in need of AC repair in The Woodlands, please contact Superior HVAC of Texas today!

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