What Is HVAC Maintenance in Houston, and Is It Worth the Cost?

March 19, 2020

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Your home or business needs regular HVAC maintenance in Houston, to ensure your air conditioner, furnace or heating system, and air filters all function optimally and last as long as possible between needed repairs and replacement. As with regular oil changes and tune-ups for your car, heating and cooling system maintenance reduces wear and tear and ensures all parts function as optimally as possible.

If you’ve been putting off Houston HVAC maintenance for your home or business, you might note what’s included in most maintenance service calls and why this work is so beneficial. You might also consider some signs that it’s time for heating and cooling repairs, so you schedule timely fixes as needed. These simple tips might very well extend the life of your residential or commercial HVAC system and help avoid costly and otherwise unnecessary repairs.

HVAC heating and air conditioning repair in Houston

What Is Involved in Houston HVAC Maintenance?

As with any other appliance or machinery with moving parts, a residential or commercial HVAC system needs regular maintenance, including cleaning, belt tightening, and oiling. Note what most heating and cooling companies in Houston include in a standard HVAC maintenance call and how these services benefit you.

  • Inspecting and changing furnace filters is a vital part of HVAC maintenance. A furnace and air conditioner push air through this filter and then into a structure’s ductwork. That filter traps dirt, soot, dust, and other such debris, keeping these residues from settling into your house or business. When a filter is dirty or worn, your HVAC system works harder to push that air through. A clean filter then means less wear and tear on your system overall.
  • Cleaning the inside of the HVAC system is also needed for its overall maintenance. Moving parts always attract dust and dirt and these residues then settle inside the HVAC appliances, making it harder for those parts to move freely and adding to their overall wear and tear.
  • A good visual inspection is also part of needed HVAC maintenance, especially once an appliance is cleaned thoroughly! Removing dirt and dust allows a heating and cooling contractor to see inside the unit and look for worn belts, corrosion and rust, loose connectors, and other such areas needing repairs.
  • The condensate drain inside an HVAC system allows condensation to drain away from the appliance. A clogged drain leads to trapped water inside the heating and cooling system, and resultant rust, corrosion, and other such damage. HVAC maintenance typically includes a check of that drain, ensuring it’s in good condition and free of clogs.
  • An interior thermostat cycles the HVAC system on and off, based on the temperature you choose as compared to the temperature inside that room. When the thermostat doesn’t read room temperatures properly, it might cycle the HVAC system on and off too often or not often enough! During HVAC maintenance, a technician typically checks the reading on the thermostat and calibrates it as needed.
  • Wiring to and from the HVAC system also needs checking, for worn and frayed areas and loose connections. An HVAC technician might check the voltage of your system’s wiring, ensuring it’s delivering enough power to the appliances as needed.
  • A check of your structure’s exhaust outlets is an important part of HVAC maintenance, ensuring there are no obstructions or damage to chimney flues or vent stacks. These outlets allow for the venting of noxious and dangerous fumes, so it’s vital that they’re always in good condition.
  • While air conditioner doesn’t “burn up” or evaporate, small holes in or other such damage in an AC compressor might allow it to leak out. During an HVAC maintenance call, your technician will typically check refrigerant levels and note if it needs recharging as well as any needed repairs to the compressor.

All of these vital steps keep your residential or commercial heating and cooling system in good repair and ensure it operates as efficiently as possible. You’ll then avoid early breakdown and might even see lower utility bills throughout the year when you schedule regular HVAC maintenance.

hvac maintenance houston

Signs You Need Furnace or AC Repair in Houston

Your HVAC system doesn’t need to shut down completely to need repairs. Very often a worn air conditioner or furnace will cycle on and off but not function as it should, so consider a few signs that it’s time to call a Houston HVAC contractor. Timely fixes help to avoid more extensive and expensive repairs down the road!

One common sign of an HVAC system needing repairs is that your home or business never seems to reach a comfortable temperature, even when the furnace or AC cycles on. In  many cases, old and worn parts result in an air conditioner or furnace not able to push air through a structure’s ductwork. A faulty thermostat or worn wiring between the thermostat and HVAC system might also signal those appliances to cycle off prematurely.

If your interior spaces are also overly humid in summertime or very warm and then very drafty in wintertime, this also typically signals the need for HVAC repairs in Houston! Your air conditioner might cycle off before it can remove humidity as well as heat, or the furnace might be cycling on and off too quickly so that rooms get very warm and then very cold. A thermostat adjustment or other simple repairs often mean a comfortable environment once again.

Old and worn furnaces and air conditioners also tend to draw more power than they should, as damaged parts work harder to operate. You might then notice a sudden increase in your utility bills or experience brownouts and blown circuits in your home or office.

Scheduling HVAC maintenance in Houston also gives your technician a chance to check for needed repairs. He or she can inspect appliance belts and bearings and note excessive wear, as well as an unusual buildup of dirt and debris in the furnace filter. Making even the simplest repairs when needed keeps that HVAC system running as it should and helps avoid wasting energy and utility costs.

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